"I knew that this would be good but it far surpassed my expectations, and in some parts, even hopes.  I admire the depth of conception and the convincing and (sheer!) storytelling.  On these levels, this novel is most impressive.  I love the intriguing structure, hinting/leading the reader to an unfolding sense of both the mythic underpinning and the mythic import. Of course the richly gathering alchemy of this myth, magic and realism comes wonderfully alive - further enhanced by gently deepening research which grounds so many well-crafted details.  I also enjoy the 'soul-making' this represents...I see many situations, experiences, concerns, tidbits, passions and hobby horses animating much of the creative stance/process yet transfigured into a fiction - a made life - all its own.  Loved this!"

Denis Stokes
Poet and teacher

"Tremendous imagery and a very poetic style!  I love all the similes and metaphors, as well as the great Shakespearean allusions.  I loved the philosophical 'God' debate.  All the pieces were brought together nicely in the end.  It is a wonderful read!"

Chris Goodal
"This story has a captivating, original premise, and you write it with great strength and liveliness.  I was mesmerized by the utterly wonderful and distinctive worlds you’ve created here.  Stephen, too, is an especially memorable narrator…I think the structure is impressively ambitious…and it lends to the originality of the novel."

Emma Patterson
The Wendy Weil Agency
"This book kept me reading until the end.  It was funny and suspenseful too.  The author has an amazing way with words - so interesting!"

Tommy Tomsen

"Great read from this writer, Dan Hokstad.  Full of great twists and turns.  I am looking forward to his next offering."


"Love this book!  Halfway through I realized there was a connection to norse myths...and then the action hooked me!  Please tell me there'll be a sequel!"

Barnes & Noble.com
"A very thought-provoking and enjoyable novel.  Many themes are explored; it is a fascinating book.  I would recommend this book to anyone."

"The Sacred Ash novel has it all:  conflict, suspense, magic…and even a love story.  A father foresees his children’s death at the hands of a super-natural and psychotic killer, and travels back in time to try and save them.  Spanning several decades, we follow the exploits of a Danish boy during the Second World War, a concentration camp survivor, and a Canadian woman’s struggle with the Afghani War and her own drug abuse to escape her pain.  The writing is engaging and the quirky characters entertaining.  Ashes and the ash tree itself hold it all together:  the true meaning of beauty, redemption, and even fate itself.  Action-filled, and at times, esoteric, this novel is an enchanting page-turner."

Barry Levy
Hollywood actor and producer
Reviews for   The Sacred Ash:  A Modern Myth in Three Seasons